Why BFI?

The right treatment at the right time at the right place in the right numbers can almost always bring success. The selection of these “FOUR RIGHT” is crucial.

When you choose Bavishi Fertility Institute, your choice is right.

Only the most innovative and experienced fertility clinics can make complex IVF treatment simple, safe, smart and successful, and that’s our “EASY IVF”

Pioneers – since 1998

Working in the field of women’s health since 1986, Bavishi implemented newer technology in sonography, endoscopy, infertility etc., as it came.

1998- pioneered most advances Assisted Reproductive Technique ART – In Vitro Fertilization – IVF treatment in India in technical collaboration with Diamond Institute for infertility – USA. BFI has a great contribution to the success story of India as the preferred fertility tourism destination of the world!

  • All India Ranked No. 1 Fertility Clinic
  • Best fertility clinic chain All India
  • Best fertility clinic chain western India

Unlimited Success stories

Consistent and very high success rate since inception has helped achieve 20,000+ Successful IVF Pregnancies & Counting. Ninety-eight ( 98% ) percent of the couples who have put faith in us have got a healthy live-born baby in their hands!!!

What more a couple would want?

Path-breaking technology and Innovations has given many firsts to the credit of BFI.

  • First, live birth of India with frozen eggs.
  • First international patient surrogacy in India
  • First IVF babies meet in India.
  • First to receive the most prestigious ” Excellence in the field of medicine” award by Indian Medical Association.
  • First to offer ” Suraksha Kavach Package.”
  • First private fertility conference for gynaecologists with international faculty
  • The first book on simple ART – IUI for consultants
  • IUI training programmes
  • Massive public awareness programme ” JAN JAGRUTI” and “PARIVAR MILAN”
  • Patient Support group ” DIVYA SANTAN PARIVAR”
  • Patient information books and booklets
  • Book on real-life stories of parents of 222 IVF babies in Hindi and Gujarati “DEVNE DIYE MANG KAR LIYE” ” DEVNA DIDHELA MANGINE LIDHELA.”
  • Real-life stories of 26 successful couples as TV serial ” MARO ANSH MARO VANSH.”
  • The live programme series covers all the problems of infertility in English, Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi ” KHUSHIYON KI GOD BHARAI.”

Team – Men behind the machines

Our team, guided by the principles of empathy and transparency, is made up of experienced infertility gynaecologists, accredited embryologists, competent midwives, and dedicated administrative and support staff in the person of our chief consultant.

The qualified, experienced, skilled and dedicated team delivers you the best outcomes. That too Simple, Safe, Smart, and Successful!

All under one roof

All preliminary tests before treatment under one roof.

Preliminary pre-treatment tests are essential to treat you properly. They allow us to choose the methods adapted to your needs. But more importantly, it gives us the certainty that you are in good health and that you can successfully go through the maternity period, which is a priority for us.

At Bavishi Fertility Center, we offer the “One-Stop Clinic” concept. With us, you can perform all these tests under one roof in the clinic, in a short time, and immediately afterwards to plan your treatment.

All fertility enhancing surgeries, IUI, IVF, laser-assisted hatching, Preimplantation genetics, freezing-cryopreservation, donor services available under one roof.

we are the best one-stop solution.

Fertility treatment does not mean IVF. We provide ALL fertility treatment options from most basic to most advanced under one roof. The couples do not have to run from one place to another to get their sonography, blood tests, medicines etc. Basic evaluation of Male and female partners, semen examination, fallopian tube testing, ovulation induction and monitoring, sonography, endoscopy operations, IVF, advanced techniques in IVF like Laser-assisted hatching, Blastocyst culture etc. Egg sperm embryo donation, egg sperm embryo, blastocyst freezing etc. Most advanced genetics, Preimplantation genetic testing PGT, PGT A, PGT M, PGT SR, also known as PGS and PGD, is pioneered in western India by Bavishi fertility Institute. BFI also pioneered surrogacy treatment in India and has the first international surrogacy to its credit.

So look no further; get everything you need at BFI.

Maximize the Success of each Treatment Cycle

Holistic approach!

Detailed, focused, and personalized evaluation and preparation of your body for successful treatment is our approach. A perfect creation and selection of high-quality embryos are essential for a successful pregnancy. We use modern diagnostic methods to monitor and evaluate treatment response, best quality and quantity embryo development and optimum selection of embryo for transfer and freezing. As a result, we make sure that the number of treatment cycles is reduced as much as possible, increasing the chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy.

Couple centric and Need centric – Your Family is Our Goal


Professional treatment and personal care!

Right from designing to the operations, all our centres are focused on the needs and comforts of the couples. Our policies and practices are all designed to meet the aspirations and needs of the couples. Privacy to cleanliness, appointments to follow-ups, pre, during and post-treatment support or counselling at Bavishi is couple-centric! Every team member is very eager and willing to meet the needs of the couples and make them feel at home. That is our philosophy, policy and culture.

We know your time is precious, and we take into account your work priorities, the constraints of childcare, or your family responsibilities in general.

Personalization and customization

One size doesn’t fit all. The same is true for every couple. Our treatment strategies are not mechanical but are highly customized for every couple.

We give extreme importance to all your personal preferences, choices, desires, circumstance, spending capabilities, time availability, job conditions, the urgency to conceive, new business or foreign migration plans, illness in the family, loss of child etc. The equally important are your medical condition, age, health, fertility potential, semen parameters – sperm problems, egg quality – quantity issues, uterus problem, fibroids, endometriosis, poor endometrium, previous treatment response, miscarriages, genetic problems etc. Other general health issues that may affect fertility, pregnancy or delivery are all considered in detail.

Individualized treatment, close to personal needs, reduces any stress that IVF treatment is likely to generate.

We believe that every patient is unique and deserves a customized IVF treatment protocol. Our 365/24/7 service ensures that decisive phases, such as egg collection or embryo transfer, occur at the most appropriate time.

Extensive personalization and customization are done to make the treatment most suitable, mentally, physically and financially.

Ethics – Your eggs Your sperm guaranteed.

Your genetic material is priceless!

ART – IVF has all the possibilities of doing unethical work. BFI is strongly and fully dedicated to ethical practice, and At BFI, you are fully assured of ethical use of genetic material, your sperm, eggs or embryos. We don’t donate or misuse any of your genetic material. We don’t use any donor gametes without the informed and explicit consent of BOTH partners. Trust is the most precious thing we have earned because of our ethical approach.

Our code of ethics incorporates the following principles:

  • Availability: all necessary health services are available;
  • Adequacy: adequate and continuous provision of integrated health services for IVF, nutrition, and consultation;
  • Affordable care: value-oriented healthcare, excellent value for money;
  • Adaptability: personalized treatment for best results.

Honest and Transparent

Honesty is the best policy. It is very easy for couples to get misguided about their treatment selection and waste their hard-earned money on unnecessary procedures and treatment. A piece of honest advice from the treating doctor is invaluable.

Our success is not the pregnancy anyhow but the pregnancy of the couple’s choice. We do not resort to any short cuts of success but discuss each treatment options’ pros and cons and help them make the best choice.

Everything at BFI is transparent! May it be a treatment option or cost.

Counselling and hand holding

Treatment can be really very stressful at times. Incomplete knowledge, fear of unknown or failure, financial problems, unexpected response or problems etc., cause a great deal of stress. Stress negatively affects the outcome.

Before and during the treatment, thorough counselling of the whole process helps couples relax and make a wise selection of treatment option and financial package.

The hand holding by our counsellors, doctors and the whole support team during and after the treatment helps the couples tide over this emotional rollercoaster successfully.

We have a professional and empathetic attitude, and you can count on us to guide you throughout the treatment. We want to make sure that the whole treatment process leads to a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Our services are accessible to everyone. We believe in transparency, and we provide information widely to enable everyone to understand the specific problem of fertility.

Consultant – Guardian

Our doctor’s counsel every patient, every detail about their medical problem, available treatment options and their merits and demerits. However, so many times, it is confusing for many patients to make the perfect choice for themselves.

In such situations, patients ask us to help them make a final decision. We help the patients as their guardians in such situations, rising above our business benefits or ego. We don’t dictate the treatment but help them choose the right thing for them. Ultimately it is the couple’s own child.

Care at home

Never thought of it, right? Yes, we provide it. May it be medicines, or blood collection, semen collection and much more. Enjoy the comfort of your home and save time, energy and hassle.


Technology can do miracles!

Cutting edge technology and continuous upgrades help BFI provide the best of the technology in the world. May it be IVF lab, Sonography, Endoscopy operations equipment, to patient safety monitors, everything we use is “THE BEST”. Our patient data management, record-keeping, double witnessing etc., meet international benchmarks.

Class 1000 IVF labs

Everything considered “best in the world” for IVF is available in India. May it be technology, disposables and consumables, an embryo growing media, IVF medicines etc.

But the biggest problem is the environment – air. The pollution and other impurities and toxins adversely affect the embryo growth and their implanting and developing potential.

To overcome this, we have made all our labs ”Class 1000″ labs. This means that air quality inside the lab is purest and most friendly for embryo growth. Class 1000 is 10 times superior to internationally recommended Call 10,000.

Fresh Embryo Transfer

Fresh is fresh. We at BFI do the transfer of fresh embryos whenever it is safely possible. Almost 90% of the couples can have the best success chance when fresh embryos are transferred. The biggest research – a meta-analysis, proves this. Not doing fresh embryo transfer, just as a blind protocol, increases the financial and emotional burden on the couples without any real benefit.

Robust Freezing programme

With highly customized and optimized egg formation – ovarian stimulation practice, we intend to have an ideal number of best quality eggs and the highest number of top-quality embryos. This helps couples to have additional embryos for freezing and storage for future use. The latest technology of vitrification at BFI gives almost 100% survival to the frozen eggs/ embryos or blastocysts; Couples can use them for pregnancy if fresh ET fails or is not done; Couples can also use them for achieving a second pregnancy. A highly successful freezing programme gives the couples a very high cumulative pregnancy chance and enhances the safety of the treatment.

OHSS Free clinic

Bavishi Fertility Institutes have our signature protocols and criteria to avoid ” Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome – OHSS”. This is a real risk of IVF treatment which can be avoided almost 100%. The best clinics in the world are trying to reach a zero percent severe OHSS. Bavishi has achieved it! Since last more than 10 years, none of our patients has severe OHSS.

Research-driven organization – evidence-based treatment – Integration

Reproductive medicine is the fastest-growing science! One of the highest levels of research is done in this field, whether it be medicines and treatment protocols, equipment, embryo culture systems, media, etc.

New evidence is emerging every day about the safety, efficacy of various protocols and procedures. It is very crucial to keep abreast with all the developments. But at the same time, it is very crucial to critically evaluate the benefits and limitations of all such research and evidence.

At BFI, we continuously do our own research and evaluation and offer the proven newer treatment options to our patients.


State-of-the-art technology and laboratory equipment combine with exceptional care because not only are we constantly keeping up to date but we are actively involved in IVF research.

Natural fertility enhancement

Whatever best the treatment, technology, medicines etc., we use, finally, your body has to respond the best. Before and during the treatment, we try to optimize your body’s response and receptivity to get the best output. We try to boost the natural fertility of both male and female partners so that it helps during treatment or even in a treatment-free period.

We love challenges

Having treated thousands of couples with various problems, we feel more thrilled and excited to treat the most complex and complicated cases. We give our 100% to them and go the extra mile to cure them. The whole BFI team is fully geared to accept the challenges and feel content only after success.

Value-Based Services

High-quality IVF treatment at an affordable price means we create unique value for every rupee you spend!

The economy of scale! Very high numbers of treatment cycles done at BFI gives it the best purchase power and best utility of resources which helps couples get the best treatment at a very reasonable cost.

Packages: We value the value of your hard-earned money and help you get the best for every rupee you spend.

BFI offers the maximum range of packages to couples to best suit their budget and makes ” IVF for ALL” a reality.

Suraksha Kavach Package

No tall claims but a solid promise.

It is a unique and only one of its kind package in the entire world, the Suraksha Kavach Package. It offers 100% safety of the money to the couples till they get a healthy live-born child in their hands! Isn’t it great? What more a couple would want?

98% of the couples who opted for this package have healthy live-born child/children in their hands!!

We want to make sure that the whole treatment process leads to an easy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

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