Most Complex things can be made Simple with Science & Care

At Bavishi Fertility Institute, with a combined experience of 100+ years of IVF treatment, thousands of successful IVF pregnancies and India’s Leading team of IVF specialists, we have made the most complex IVF treatment SIMPLE.

Our single goal is to make treatment easy to undergo at the same time maximizing results, reducing complications and providing value for money.

We make the entire process of treatment simple to understand, simple to plan and simple to execute and outstandingly simple to undergo.

SIMPLE at every step of treatment

Pre-treatment evaluation

Pre-treatment evaluation is highly individualized, personalized, minimalistic and focused on making a customized treatment plan according to your medical, social, and work needs that is simple to follow.

You are involved in the decision process of planning, monitoring and execution.


IVF at Bavishi Fertility Institute focuses on maximizing comfort by reducing injections and hospital visits only to a bare minimum.

We use only essential injections in the minimum required dosage for optimal response; oral or vaginal drugs are preferred whenever possible. Every effort is made to reduce blood tests and injection pricks.

We reduce clinic visits by encouraging self-injection, encouraging sonography monitoring at hometown and advanced planning.

Ovum Pickup

Ovum pickup or egg collection is a procedure where we use very light and short anaesthesia.

After this simple procedure, the patient is discharged in 2 hours.

We ensure maximum comfort by comfortable OT position, minimum nil by mouth time and early discharge.

Embryo Transfer

We follow a signature “Zero Error” Embryo Transfer Technique.

It is a simple, painless, and easy procedure. Post-procedure, a relaxation session is conducted to make you completely relax, stress-free and filled with positive energy.

After an embryo transfer, you can leave the institute and start work after a few hours.

No REST required

Post Embryo transfer

We do not recommend any rest, nor do any of the big studies conducted worldwide. We encourage your routine lifestyle and work. We use minimum required medicines and no painful injections. We can help you to do your blood pregnancy test at home.

Our goals are aligned with your objectives. We make your IVF simple by using our expertise, experience and advanced medicinal techniques. After completing the journey, you will know why patients recommend us for success and trustworthy treatment.

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