Our story: Bavishi Family

Founded and led by the well-known experts of the Bavishi family Dr Himanshu Bavishi & Dr Falguni Bavishi, all BFI clinics offer meticulous attention of the highest order in a pleasant and avant-garde environment to make your treatment Simple, Safe, Smart and Successful.

Vast Indian Experience

  • In 23 years of IVF practice, BFI has treated thousands of couples from all across the country. We understand Indian women, their needs, aspirations, beliefs and traditions much better.
  • This makes Bavishi Fertility Institute the most preferred & trusted Fertility Institute of India and the world. BFI is continuously undergoing expansion and modernization. Today, all Bavishi Fertility Institute’s facilities are up to date and offer the highest standard of treatment.
  • The foundation of Bavishi Fertility Institute was laid on the Founding Principles of Technology & Trust.

You in the spotlight

  • You, the patient, is at the centre of everything we do. At BFI, you will feel much more involved in treatment and decision making than ever before. To ensure you make the correct decision for yourself, we provide in-depth counselling, clear the concepts and provide guidance. Our team makes you feel relaxed and in control throughout your journey.

Your IVF your way

Together we achieve the result you expect the way you want. We customize extensively according to your medical condition and your desire. Your decisions are always respected, like wanting a single child or twins, using minimum medications, faster treatment speed etc.


  • We do not work for success only. We work to satisfy individual desire and aspiration. No mix-up of gametes, no donations without consent of both partners. Here you can be 100% sure of your genetic material.
  • India’s pioneering and equipped with most modern technology in IVF (In-Vitro-Fertilisation)
  • We always believe in Technology & Science.
  • All our branches are equipped with modern high-tech machines.
  • As of now, 1000+ Happy Couples are blessed with beautiful and healthy babies.
  • Spreading the ray of hope with 12 IVF Centers of Excellence in 7 Major Cities in India.

Ahmedabad | Vadodara | Bhuj | Surat | Mumbai | Delhi | Kolkata

  • Having a child is possible. All we need is your trust, patience & commitment.
  • Sometimes a family is all we need.
  • We help you fulfil your family goals.
  • Bavishi IVF: A Prominent, Trusted & Reliable name in India.
  • Our extraordinary care covers both psychological & physical stress.

Our unique achievements:

  • Successful first live birth of India with a vitrified frozen Egg in 2008
  • “Rose of Paracelsus” Awarded by Europe Medical Association
  • “Time Health Icon” award for a single speciality hospital in the field of fertility

We are pioneers in IVF Science and Technology in India and World.

Bavishi Fertility Institute – India’s Most Experienced & Trusted IVF Clinic

Celebrating 35+ Years of Glorious Existence

Our Bavishi family (images of promoter doctors+ consultants + staff and branches)


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