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The name Bavishi Fertility Institute relates to a family whose members are linked by unity and continuity. Bavishi fertility institute is a place where people put trust in the best fertility treatment. Located in many major cities of India, BFI has all the equipment and expertise for world-class fertility care.

From Humble beginnings to Best in India

From 1986 to the present day, here are some of the landmark achievements we’ve made over the years.


BFI has contributed to creating life and bringing into the world thousands of children who came to fulfil their parents’ dreams.

Our centres perform more than 3000 IVF cycles every year with one of the best results in the world.

Our motto has always been excellence in the quality of the service and the unconditional support to our patients, not only technically but also humanly.


Bavishi Fertility Institute established in Bhuj.

Ranked ” All India number One” in Times of India, a national survey of fertility clinics

Ranked ” Number one in western India ” for the fifth time in a row in Times of India, a national survey of fertility clinics 2016,2017,2018,2019,2020.


Bavishi Fertility Institute established in Vadodara.

Awarded ” Best IVF clinic chain in India – West” by Economic times


Bavishi Fertility Institute established in Surat.

BFI produced and telecast a TV series on the Colours Gujarati channel. “Devna Didhela Mangine Lidhela”. Serial is on real-life stories of 26 couples about their struggle and success.

Awarded “Best IVF clinic chain in India” by Mid Day group


Awarded “Excellence in IVF” by My FM

Awarded ” Rose of Paracelsus” award by European medical association

Published book “You Miracle In Making”. A complete pregnancy guide in Hindi English and Gujarati


Bavishi Pratiksha Fertility Institute established in Kolkata.


Bavishi Fertility Institute was awarded ‘power brand’ by IVF India – India today group.


Our founder Dr Himanshu Bavishi was installed as founder president for INSTAR Indian Society for the Third-party Assisted Reproduction.


Massive public awareness programmes ” Jan Jagruti Abhiyan” and ” Parivar Milan” were launched. Thousands of couples were offered counselling at their doorsteps.


Published “Vighna Daud”, a book discussing social and emotional aspects of infertility and its solutions.


Founded ” Divya Santan Sansthan” BFI’s CSR activity for infertile couples. An infertility patient support group, “Divya Santan Parivar”.

Published ” Dev na Didhela Mangine Lidhela “, A book depicting real-life stories of parents of 111 test tube babies in Hindi and Gujarati.


Bavishi Fertility Institute established in Mumbai.


BFI achieved a landmark success, first live birth in India with the vitrified frozen oocyte.

BFI started spreading its wings in the biggest metro cities of India.

Bavishi Bhagat Fertility Institute established in Delhi.


Started ” Santan semen bank” now ” Santan ART Bank” for reliable donor semen services. Now it is the first ART bank of Gujarat and a few of India to comply with suggested ICMR guidelines.


“The Endoscopy Excellence Institute was added to Bavishi Fertility Institute.


Bavishi IVF Fertility Endoscopy clinic moved to the new facility and became India’s one of the biggest, most prominent and most advanced fertility Institutes – “Bavishi Fertility Institute.”


First of its kind.” test-tube babies meet” was organized to bring awareness to remove myths and stigma attached to IVF in the general public. IVF was a new technique back then.


Pre Implantation Genetic Screening and Diagnosis PGS – PGD facility was added to BFI, and thus BFI became the first and only centre in Gujarat state to offer a PGD facility.


Technical collaboration established with Diamond Institute for Infertility and Menopause, USA, for our First IVF centre. Dr Falguni Bavishi obtained extensive training at Diamond Institute before establishing the facility.

Bavishi IVF Fertility Endoscopy Clinic” was set up as its super-speciality “Infertility & ART facility”. The clinic was established according to international standards.

Dr Matan Yemini, co-director, Diamond Institute, USA and his team visited Bavishi IVF clinic for 14 days in November 1998 to kick start the IVF facility.


The doctor couple established a maternity home in the heart of the city of Ahmedabad. The quest to excel continued, and the centre continued to upgrade itself with the latest developments.


The promoters started one more maternity home on the outskirts of Ahmedabad.


An eight bedded Bavishi Maternity Home was established by the promoters Dr Falguni & Dr Himanshu Bavishi at the outskirts of Ahmedabad city. The facility pioneered all modern pieces of equipment like Sonography, Laparoscopy, etc.

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