Pregnancy Care

Giving birth to a new life is a once in a lifetime experience. Priority is the health of the mother and baby.

Our team is an expert for IVF & natural pregnancies both. We have huge experience in managing twin and higher-order multiple pregnancies.

It is crucial to choose the right hospital for pregnancy care and delivery. Experienced gynaecologist, good sonography and facility of immediate delivery and newborn care makes the difference.

We provide an individual approach and attentive attitude. Each appointment with an obstetrician involves a complete evaluation of the mother and checking the child’s development. Our defined protocols for single and twin pregnancies make sure we do not miss anything simultaneously, providing flexibility based on pregnancy conditions.

Regular appointments and examinations of pregnant women are carried out with minimal waiting, maintaining privacy and comfort.

Our approach focuses on diagnosing early and treating effectively. Our in-house fetal medicine expert can help you make the right decisions in time.

For patients staying far, patients may take half of pregnancy care visits in their hometown to reduce travel.

You can see your child even before birth! Regular 4D ultrasounds promote intimacy between child and family even before birth.

After the birth, the first hour of life is an important phase for the newborn. We make sure that only the best team of neonatologists takes care of the newborn.

The key to the baby’s future health is the calmness of mind and body of the mother. We offer optional Garbh Sankar and Yoga classes through our partners.


pregnancy care facilities are available at select centres only

Delivery of the newborn is a time to cherish forever. While you may be stressed, our team captures these moments forever. You will receive a complimentary photo album and a baby birth celebration.

Foetal Medicine

Foetal medicine focuses on managing the health problems of the fetus in the womb. It is a more focused speciality of obstetrics and gynaecology.

Our team of experienced fetal medicine experts can perform fetal monitoring fetal procedures with the best possible outcome. They will help you in difficult cases for optimum timing of delivery.

High-Risk Obstetrics

All the body systems put an extra effort during pregnancy to meet the increased demand. Complications like reduced fetal growth, hypertension and gestational diabetes can happen in any mother, more so in mothers at risk.

Our expert surgical team, fetal medicine experts and neonatology team can help you through this difficult phase.

Some pregnancy complications can affect all body systems like heart, lung, kidney etc. Some patients require a team of specialist doctors from various branches. We have assembled a fabulous team for your safety.


We have partnered with one of the most experienced neonatology team to care for the precious little ones. All deliveries are attended by expert neonatologists ensuring the best care is available during the first few golden minutes of life.

Our nurses will help you gain confidence with breastfeeding fast. Nurses will help you understand common child behaviour and common solutions. They will train you to avoid common mistakes during feeding & the importance of burping after each feed.


Our unit has a high-end 4D 5D ultrasound for better diagnosis and better therapeutic judgement. Facilities offered are early pregnancy scan, NT scan, anomaly scan at 3 months and 5 months of pregnancy, growth scans, doppler scans to evaluate blood flow in fetus etc.

Advantage Bavishi Fertility Institute

Defined protocols to ensure that we do not miss anything & flexibility for early treatment based on pregnancy conditions. Expert team of gynaecologists, fetal medicine experts and neonatologists every time.

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