The Avant-Garde Infrastructure

All the centres of BFI are scientifically designed and aesthetically decorated. Functional proficiency and ease combined with privacy and comfort is the guiding principle of our designs.

Technologically, each centre is standalone, self-sufficient, fully equipped to handle most advance and technically complex cases also.

All cutting edge technology is available from 3D/4D sonography, endoscopy to IVF lab.

All our IVF labs are “class 1000”, providing 10 times superior air quality than international recommendations.

Equipment for fertilization, embryo culture to the most advanced freezing technology, every thing is available at all centres to enable them to provide the same quality of care and treatment success – ‘ALL UNDER ONE ROOF’.

All our centres have a dedicated IVF lab complex with a separate andrology lab, cryology lab and IVF lab. IVF OT and endoscopy OT are separate.

Consulting rooms, multiple counselling rooms, comfortable waiting and recovery area, everything for your comfort, privacy and successful treatment outcome.

The team of consultants, counsellors, embryologists, nurses, and more are well trained and experienced. They undergo regular training for skill and SOP upgradations.

Our Locations

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