Embryo Donation

Every couple wants to have their own genetic child. This is a natural instinct and desire. However, it may not always be possible, and couples may have to go for donor embryo.

BFI does not encourage donor gametes as a shortcut to success. We offer all the options a couple has and offer them a donor option as a last resort only. We counsel them pros and cons of using donor gametes and allow them to make a fully informed choice.

BFI NEVER uses donor gametes without the informed consent of BOTH the partners. Ultimately the child is of both the partners.

These are the reasons why every couple should choose the fertility clinic very cautiously, particularly when it comes to donor embryo.

When you require donor services, it is more than plain and simple science. It is also called third party ART – IVF. As a third party is involved, a third dimension is also added to the whole process. It is also an emotional decision. We are here to support you & give you the desired result. We are here to help you have a healthy baby.

We know and understand that when you choose a donor to have your child, you are not buying some product from the market, but you are creating your future generation. With years of experience and experience of thousands of successful donor cycles, we deeply understand and respect your expectations, concerns, fears, and much more. When you entrust us with donor services, we select the best donor for you. Carefully matching him/her with your looks, height, weight, skin colour, eye colour, etc. Though there are no two persons exactly the same, we try to find similarities to the maximum. If a couple has any special preferences or needs, may it be for ethnicity, looks, cast, physical characteristics, education etc., we try our best to match to perfection.

What is Embryo donation?

When a lady has a normal uterus and health and is able to bear pregnancy successfully but does not have good eggs, she requires sperm donation/semen donation treatment egg donation/oocyte donation treatment. Sometimes even male partners in such couples require sperm donation/semen donation treatment. When both sperm and eggs are taken from donors, embryos are made in the IVF lab and then transferred into the uterus of the female partner. This treatment is called embryo donation. The IVF process is similar to donor oocytes/eggs.

How We Select Our Donors


sperm donation

The donors that are young and have normal screening are recruited.

All oocyte-egg donors are married and have at least one healthy living child. Their age is less than 30 years.

Screening Process

Medical review

We check the donor’s medical, family and personal history. We also check that her weight, height and blood pressure are within normal limits.

The doctor performs an exhaustive medical check-up to check the good overall health of the donor. Our fertility experts do a 3D ultrasound to check for ovarian reserve and any other reproductive or gynaecological condition.

Eligible donors undergo blood tests for complete blood counts, blood sugar and tests to assess liver, kidney, and general health.

Blood tests to rule out STDs are done.

Donors are also screened for a common genetic condition.

Psychological review

Our in-house team takes an in-depth personal interview of the donor. We evaluate that donors understand the process and evaluate their ability to understand and make a balanced decision.

Genetic study

Our team takes in-depth family history.

Common genetic conditions are screened in the donor; any additional tests are also possible according to the couple’s desire.

Advantage BFI

Our very big sperm donation programme and our own ART bank help every couple get the best donor most suitable to their needs, that too without any waiting. We also have a large pool of frozen semen ready.

Our vast Indian experience of sperm donation treatment helps us deliver the best success with ultimate satisfaction. You can choose from wide options of the best value for money packages.

Come discover the joy of parenthood. At BFI, it is Simple, Safe, Smart and Successful.

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