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First time in India Live birth with vitrified frozen egg

Live birth with vitrified frozen egg in 2008. Egg/oocyte is very fragile and still in a rapidly developing stage when it comes out of women’s body. To freeze it at minus 196-degree centigrade, warm it to 37 degrees, fertilize, make good embryos and achieve a normal healthy child was a very new science and technology. BFI is proud to achieve first in India when even a very few babies were born through this technique in the entire world.

First of Its Kind IVF Babies Meet in India

“IVF Babies Meet 2004”. Unique meet of more than 100 IVF babies conceived at Bavishi fertility institute, Ahmedabad. At a time when IVF was new and had lots of misconceptions, fears, stigmas attached, this was a path-breaking effort by BFI to spread awareness in society.

First in India – Award from IMA

First IVF specialist to get the most prestigious award from Indian Medical Association – IMA. “Excellence in The Field of Medicine”

First International surrogacy of India

Bavishi fertility institute has to its credit treating the first European couple for surrogacy in the year 1998. Since then, we have been the pioneers and leaders in the field of surrogacy.

Founder president of INSTAR

Dr Himanshu Bavishi was elected as ‘ FOUNDER PRESIDENT” of the Indian Society for the Third-party Assisted Reproduction (INSTAR). The society was formed to protect all parties’ rights and responsibilities involved in third-party reproduction – egg donation, sperm donation, and surrogacy.

The Power Woman

Dr Falguni Bavishi was selected as ‘ POWER WOMAN” of Gujarat and was invited to expresses her views on Women’s Empowerment at a function organized by The Hindu Group of Publications on Women’s Day, 2014.

Permanent cure for Thalassemia – unique cases

Thalassemia is a disease for which the only permanent cure is by bone marrow transplantation. To get a matching bone marrow donor is extremely difficult. The couples who already have a thalassemia-infected child can conceive a not thalassemia-affected child, which is too a matching donor for the affected sibling. BFI used PGD + HLA matching technology and helped a couple produce a normal donor sibling (2021)! A very few cases have recorded the world over.

BFI has already helped two more couples in achieving the same and still counting.

Baby Born through Frozen Sperms of Its DEAD father!

Anurita lost her husband to blood cancer, whom she loved very much. She came to Bavishi Fertility Institute with her husband’s frozen sperm. Only two samples of her late husband’s sperm were remaining. Her IVF treatment was done successfully with her husband’s sperm by the BFI team. She conceived, and the born baby shares a birthday with his late dad.

At 58 years of age, she got both the lost sons back!

The Curious Case of a Primary School Teacher of Petlad, Gujarat. She was shattered when she lost both her sons. One died of cancer in 1993 and the other in an accident in 2012. She desperately wanted her children back in her life to make her life complete again. Her womb was healthy. BFI offered cutting edge technology to give her successful pregnancy and safe live-born twins. That, too, in the very first attempt.

International collaboration

IVF was a new technology and very fast developing science in 1998. To bring that technology to India and establish an IVF clinic of international standard was a big challenge. To get the best of the world and keep pace with it, BFI struck an international collaboration with a world leader IVF clinic, Diamond Institute for Infertility and Menopause, USA.

Pioneered PGT – PGS/PGD technology in western India.

A disease-free healthy child is the dream of every couple. PGT is the technology that can prevent the birth of children with genetic problems at the stage of embryos – before even actual pregnancy occurs. BFI brought this technology to western India, and today it is a leader in this technology.

Trendsetters in bringing newer technologies.

Since its inception in 1998, BFI has always implemented newer technologies and techniques. It may be sonography, laparo – hysteroscopy, IVF or newer ART technologies.

Spreading happiness – Globally

BFI’s international reputation has helped BFI treat patients from almost all the countries of the world. Every corner of the world has a happy family, achieved with the help of BFI.

Unlimited Success stories – adding every day

20,000+ Successful IVF Pregnancies and Counting.

98% (Ninety-eight) percent of the couples who have put enough faith in us have got a healthy live-born child in their hands!!!

A consistent and very high success rate since inception has helped achieve this landmark.

What more would a couple want?

“Suraksha Kavach Package”

An unlimited number of couples, which can achieve a child through IVF, do not achieve it. The most important reason is incomplete treatment. The most important reasons for not completing are no confidence or surety of getting a child even with unlimited treatment, cost of unlimited treatment and fear of losing all the money even if treatment fails, the effect of unlimited treatment cycles on the body etc.

The vast experience of BFI has found the best solution to this problem. It gives the couples the strength to finish the limited treatment with “All round safety”.

Divya Santan Parivar

First time in India – One of its kind patient support group – “Divya Santan Parivar.” Inspired and formed with the guidance from BFI. The unique support group formed by successful IVF conceived patients for selfless support for infertile couples. The organization constantly does patient support activities to provide information, guidance, inspiration and solace.

Massive public awareness programmes – Janjagruti Abhiyan and Parivar Milan

Knowledge is the key. We believe in educating and empowering couples to make a wise decision. To break the misbeliefs and provide correct scientific guidance at their own doorsteps, BFI organized this massive drive of an unmatched scale.

Academic activities

First time in India, in 1998 – a conference for consultants, organized by a fertility clinic with international expert faculties.

Pioneered IUI training programmes for consultants and laboratory technologists.

Written and published a book on IUI for consultants

Multiple conferences, workshops, training programmes, CMEs, round table meets, Webinars organized at the local and national level.

First in India – a TV series by fertility institute

A TV serial “ Devna Didhela Mangine Lidhela”. Produced and telecast by BFI. Real-life stories of 26 successful couples shot in their own houses.

First in India, a unique book.

“ Devna Didhela Mangine Lidhela”, a book on real-life stories of parents of 222 IVF babies.

All India ranked no 1 fertility institute BFI was ranked all India no.1 in 2020 by Times of India in the national survey of Fertility Clinic 2020

BFI was ranked no 1 in western India continuously for 5 years in a row by the same survey

Best Fertility clinic chain

Best IVF Clinic chain in India – Mid Day

Best IVF clinic chain in India – (west ) – Economic Times

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