Surrogacy is a treatment where a woman (the surrogate mother) agrees to bear a child for another couple or individual ( intended parents). The couple will become the child’s parent(s) after birth.

In surrogacy treatment, the eggs of an infertile woman are fertilized with her husband’s sperm, and the resulting embryos are transferred to the surrogate mother’s uterus. The couple whose embryos are transferred is called intended parents (IP). The surrogate woman is not genetically related to the embryos transferred to her.

Surrogacy can be done using donor eggs, donor sperm also, but there has to be genetic material from at least one intended parent.

The surrogate mother carries the pregnancy and, after birth, hands over the child to the intended parents.

Your surrogate mother may be a family member, friend, or compensated or uncompensated volunteer.

Who needs surrogacy?

  • Problems with the uterus
    • Absence of uterus either due to surgery or by birth
    • Many or large fibroids
    • Severe adenomyosis
  • Damage to the endometrium (uterine lining)
  • Health risk to mother
    • Medical conditions such as heart or kidney disease were getting pregnant can pose a risk to women’s life
  • Repeated miscarriage or repeated foetal death during pregnancy
  • Repeated IVF failure
  • Single male willing for a child

At Bavishi Fertility Clinic, we can assist you in every aspect of the process, from finding your surrogate, IVF treatment, pregnancy care and delivery of the surrogate, newborn care, birth certificate and finding the appropriate legal guidance. We also assist with the use of donor eggs and/or spermatozoa when required.

We can also extend help for any legal help if you need to travel abroad with your child.

Successful surrogacy.

BFI is the best one-stop solution with the best success chance for any type of IVF treatment. Successful IVF means successful surrogacy.

Care of pregnancy of the surrogate mother

Our experienced obstetrics teams, good sonography and facility of immediate delivery will ensure the best possible outcome. We also have huge experience managing twin pregnancies.

Our team of experienced foetal medicine experts can perform foetal monitoring foetal procedures with the best possible outcome. They will help you in difficult cases for optimum timing of delivery.

Care of a newborn.

Our team of expert neonatologists takes care of the newborn from birth till handing over the child to intended parents. The team will handhold you until you become comfortable feeding your little one.

Care of intended parents.

During antenatal visits and sonographies, you can remain present and interact freely with the surrogate mother if you do not want that it is completely your choice.

Our team of surrogacy experts will guide you every step of the way so that you can focus on your new family. Don’t worry. In a rare case, if there is any dispute with the surrogate mother, you have perfect legal documents to resolve it.

International patient’s surrogacy

At Bavishi Fertility Clinic, we understand that a patient’s circumstances are unique and require varying levels of supervision and sensitivity. We manage your treatment, total care of the surrogate mother including her pregnancy and childbirth, newborn baby till you take charge of it and all legalities you may need.

Our network of third party reproductive experts is available to work with you to make sure you are aware of your country-specific laws and regulations regarding international surrogacy.

How does IVF work with the involvement of a surrogate mother?

After meeting the genetic parents and the surrogate mother, and they agree to work together, they enter into a legal agreement.

Menstrual cycles of an Intended parent and surrogate mother are matched.

Treatment for surrogate mother.

The surrogate mother is given an injection that will stop her egg production for a month, and this ensures the embryo that will implant is from the intended parents (IP) only.

Tablets are started for a surrogate to prepare the uterus for embryo implantation.

When embryos of IP are ready, they are transferred into her uterus.

Treatment of intended parents IP.

IVF injections are started in the female partner of IP.

Ovum pick up is done, and the recovered oocytes are fertilized with sperm of the male partner of IP.

The resulting embryos are transferred to the surrogate mother.

All advanced techniques to improve IVF results like blastocyst culture, ICSI etc., can be used.

How we select a surrogate mother

The surrogate mothers that are young, healthy and have normal screening are recruited. All potential surrogate mothers are married and have at least one living child.

Medical review

We check the surrogate’s medical, family and personal history. We also check that the surrogate’s weight, height and blood pressure are within normal limits.

The doctor performs an exhaustive medical check-up to check the good overall health of the surrogate. Our fertility experts do a 3D ultrasound to check for any abnormality in the uterus and any other reproductive or gynaecological condition.

Eligible surrogates undergo blood tests for complete blood counts, blood sugar and tests to assess liver, kidney, and general health.

Blood tests to rule out STDs are done.

Psychological review

Our in-house team takes an in-depth personal interview of the surrogate. We evaluate that surrogate understands the process and evaluate their ability to understand and concentrate. We also involve her whole family and make sure that the whole family also understands the process and is ready to cooperate.

Advantages of Surrogacy

It is 100% legal

The genetic source is 100% from intended parents, nothing from the surrogate mother.

The process is easy, and couples who can’t have their child with other treatment can also have their child.

Advantage Bavishi Fertility Institute

Our vast experience of stringent surrogate mother selection process and management help you in getting the best surrogate mothers who are reliable and responsible that too without any waiting time.

Best IVF success rates ensure faster success and lower cost.

The cost of treatment is very reasonable, transparent and uniform, with a very easy payment schedule. Financial details and stages of payment are clear from the start.

Our surrogacy programme is very ethical, ensuring happiness to both intended parents and surrogate mother

Looking for surrogacy? Rely on the pioneers of surrogacy in India.

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