Smart Treatments and Steady Care Meets the Goal

The most important decision of your life, having a child and starting a family, call for a personalized smart strategy.

Isn’t that smart – a thorough understanding of the patient’s condition, pros and cons of infertility treatment options and they all combined to achieve the final goal! Bavishi Fertility Clinic has accomplished over a thousand successful surgeries with this nifty approach.

Smart Use of Technology

Bavishi Fertility Clinic has all the technology and techniques available under one roof. However, using them in all patients can substantially increase the cost of treatment without a proportionate increase in the success ratio.

We carefully suggest the treatment options and injections that are worth the extra cost for your individual case.

Smart Monitoring

Smart monitoring of all Clinical and IVF lab KPIs – Statistics becomes a decisive factor in choosing the treatment. Hence, we make sure that each patient’s every little detail is monitored for the sake of the patient’s welfare.

We monitor many key performance indicators(KPIs) for IVF lab and clinical aspects, like fertilization rate, embryo formation rate, embryo quality index, etc. this helps us detect any problem very early before it affects pregnancy outcomes significantly.

Smart Treatment

Correct and Smart Choice of Treatment is the First Step to your Success

Monitoring every minute details of IVF gives a unique ability to accurately predict your IVF success at the start and at embryo transfer based on embryo quality and number. This data can help us make modifications in treatment that maximize your results.

Smart Use of the Latest Techniques

Big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence are the in-things to change the traditional medical system all the way around. Bavishi clinic in no way lags. It deploys a new generation of information technologies, such as the internet of things (loT).

Agile Selection of Treatment Options

We have a highly automated and optimized environment. Employing IoT technology is at the heart of our smart fertility clinic to help couples choose smart treatment options. Bavishi Fertility Clinic’s unified working body allows medical workers to provide patients with exceptional care in a cost-effective manner with a low error rate.

Smart Treatment

We offer treatment options, and patients choose from the options. Their choice is recalled, reassessed and monitored to reassure the desired results. For patients living far from our centres, we plan treatment so that most of the treatment can be managed at your local town or city, and you can visit us only for procedures. That’s your time smartly saved!

Our experience enables us to be flexible with your treatment. Don’t let that small function you need to attend or a small office meeting you need to attend delay your decision to achieve your dream.


Canny Blueprint of Timeline and Visits

Our patients’ time is no less important than that of ours. Our team walks extra miles to provide value to your time by collecting patient’s history, streamlining reports and prescriptions in advance. Not only that, but take complete notes of the doctor-patient interaction during the consultation for further planning future procedures and the forthcoming patient’s visits.

Parsimonious Cost Package Options

Bavishi Fertility Clinic provides the best treatment at optimal pricing for any fertility treatment options. BFI uses the highest quality products but is still cost-competitive. Thanks to our economy of scale. We get a quantity price advantage and have optimum utilization. Our manpower resources are also utilized optimally with experienced hands available at all centres.

We have smart package options for every pocket.

We also offer packages with multiple cycles at a reduced cost to give you your maximum chance at pregnancy.

Triple your success with our three-cycle package or have complete peace of mind with our Suraksha Kavach Package.

Suraksha Kavach Package

If you want to be assured about using the best technology, if you are worried about IVF failure or have had IVF failure, the smart option is the Suraksha Kavach Package. This unique package offers multiple cycles to maximize live birth.

Visit us to know more about this package offered by no one but Bavishi Fertility Clinic.

Pay from Anywhere Anytime

Digital Payment Karta hai India, so Bavishi Fertility Clinic provides a secure and smart payment option as your comfort is our topmost priority. Patients can pay where and how they want – including online payment.

Easy EMI at 0% interest is available for patients to make your budget planning easy.

Patient-Centric Hospital Architecture

No extra square is built that does not add value for the patient. Departments like the Reception, Billing, Wards, Nursing Stations, Pharmacy, Lab and Canteen are designed to be ‘Patient Centric’ so that we don’t have Patients being transferred from one end of the Hospital to the other.

Smart Diagnosis

In modern medicine, the rule is diagnosis first and treatment later. Diagnosis is the crux of the treatment line. A simple ultrasound by our experts can help you with a diagnosis that you were struggling to find for years. There is a step by step proceeding in diagnosing the infertility cause and prescribing only the pertinent tests.

The doctor will explain the tests you will have to perform and their reason behind going for those tests. Based on the infertility causes, the doctors will brief you about the most appropriate treatment for you and the real possibilities of success attuned to your case, how the treatment will develop, and the alternatives treatment options other options too.

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