Our team at BFI

The Team work makes the dream work!

We have assembled the most talented minds and nurtured them to excel. Even a diamond shines better when it is cut and polished better. We continuously thrive to enhance the knowledge and skills of our team. Our team is hungry for success, thirsty for innovation, passionate to perform and ever ready to go extra mile to serve our patients.

Team of IVF consultants at BFI is a collection of rare solitaires

Highly learned, experienced and internationally acclaimed IVF specialist promoters groom our team. Promoters’ clinical acumen of treating thousands of couples including the most difficult and rare cases, help the entire team of IVF specialist consultants and clinical team to get full support and learning opportunities. Strong team of 14 IVF consultants is highly qualified with a masters degree from the most reputed medical colleges of India. They have trained in India and abroad. They have very good experience of infertility and IVF treatment from most basic to most advanced and from simple to the most complicated.

Team of Embryologists at BFI is a necklace of rare pure pearls

Dr Falguni Bavishi, founder-director BFI, is highly proficient in IVF lab science and techniques. Our qualified, experienced and expert embryology team excels in their performance under her supervision and guidance. All IVF lab technology and techniques– established or new, key performance indicators – KPIs to maintenance schedules, our team is fully committed to excel. IVF lab is the heart and soul of the whole IVF programme. Our heart is not only strong but is pure too. Highest standards of accuracy and ethics are the cornerstones of our excellent embryology services’ performance and results.

Team of counsellors at BFI are your friends in need

Our compassionate team of counsellors not only understand your medical needs but your fears, concerns, social and emotional problems and much more.

  • Before the treatment – they happily explain to you all treatment options in detail and help you make the best choice for you.
  • During the treatment – they carefully explain to you the progress and what to expect next.
  • After the treatment – they help you remain positive and overcome the fear of failure.

Our counsellors are always ready to make you stress free and comfortable as it gives you the best experience and success!

Rest of the team BFI- big is beautiful

Spirited, committed, trained and ever ready team of more than 200, including nurses, front desk executives, administrative and support staff, leave no stone unturned to make your fertility journey with us smooth, comfortable, joyful and successful.

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