About BFI

Building a Healthy Family, One Patient at a Time.

Founded and led by the well-known experts of the Bavishi family Dr Himanshu Bavishi & Dr Falguni Bavishi, all BFI clinics offer meticulous attention of the highest order in a pleasant and avant-garde environment to make your treatment Simple, Safe, Smart and Successful.


From 1986 to the present day, our rich and cultural significance has given us some of the most remarkable accomplishments a fertility clinic can achieve. Today, Our centres perform more than 3000 IVF cycles every year with the best results in the world. Learn More About Our History

Highest Rankings

BFI was ranked all India no.1 in 2020 & Ranked “Number one in western India“ for the fifth time in a row in Times of India, a national survey of fertility clinics 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020!

Promoter family

A familial team that stands with you at every step of your fertility journey. Welcoming, listening and advising patients before, during and after their journey is our priority. Our coordinators, links between you and the medical team, will support you to feel confident and optimistic. Learn More About Our Team

7 Centers

Located in many major cities of India, BFI has all the equipment and expertise for world-class fertility care. We offer the full range of assisted reproduction support: from preimplantation genetic diagnosis to fertility preservation, including in vitro fertilisation and donor service. Learn More About Our Centres


Bavishi Fertility Institute has a clinical team of gynaecologists, obstetricians, embryologists, psychologists, nutritionists, consultants, coordinators, and managers exclusively dedicated to resolving patients’ issues and treating them. The surgical, nursing, administrative, financial, etc., areas are shared with the solid infrastructure with more than 35+ years of experience. Learn More About Our Team Members


We have a highly automated and optimised environment. For the past 35+ years, we continue to research and innovate to ensure that the treatments are done in the best possible environment. Our class, 1000 IVF labs, provide the best IVF lab embryo culture environment. Learn More About Our Infrastructure.


Bavishi clinic has changed the traditional medical system that is in use worldwide by deploying informational technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Through them, we carefully suggest the treatment options and injections that are worth the extra cost for your individual case. Learn More About Our Techniques

All treatment offered under one roof

We have an expansive list of treatments provided to every individual concerned about his/her fertility. Any problem – the best solution – Under one roof = BFI!

  • Male Female Infertility
  • IVF – ICSI – ART
  • Advanced techniques
  • Egg donation
  • Surrogacy
  • Fertility preservation – Egg/Embryo freezing
  • Preimplantation Genetic Testing
  • IUI
  • Laparo/Hysteroscopy
  • Ovary rejuvenation – PRP Stem cell
  • Fibroids – Endometriosis


Achieve excellence through knowledge, education, training, brainstorming, innovation experimentation, analysis, and research. Provide customised, personalised, simple, effective and safe treatment for ultimate compliances, success and satisfaction to every couple. Create the best qualified, experienced and expert team of medical professionals, reproductive biologist counsellors and support staff. Impart all the best IVF treatments in India under one roof (without any discrimination) and spread our wings to pass on the benefits of the latest technology and win trust. An ideal blend of professional treatment and personalised care.


Be a pioneer and leader as most preferred fertility Institute, and provide IVF & ART treatment above international standard & success with Indian heart and cost best IVF institute in India.


Simple, Safe, Smart and Successful! The qualified, experienced, skilled and dedicated team delivers you the best outcomes.

Unique Achievements

Bavishi Fertility Institute achieved the first Live birth in India with a vitrified frozen egg. We have to our credit first surrogacy for a European couple. The best patient experience has helped us achieve numerous awards and accolades. Learn More About Our Unique Achievements

Why choose BFI

When you choose Bavishi Fertility Institute, your choice is right. Only the most innovative and experienced fertility clinics can make complex IVF treatment simple, safe, smart and successful, and that’s our “EASY IVF”. Learn More About Why Choose BFI

Social activities – (Divya Santan Sansthan – Divya Santan Parivar)

One of its kind patient support group – “Divya Santan Parivar.” Inspired and formed with the guidance from BFI. The unique support group formed by successful IVF conceived patients does patient support activities to provide information, guidance, inspiration and solace.

Public Awareness Activities

Knowledge is the key.. We organized massive Jan Jagruti Abhiyan – Parivar Milan programmes to provide correct scientific guidance at the patient’s own doorsteps. We empower the couples by spreading knowledge through various mediums like our books, TV talk shows, FB live and YouTube education sessions, blogs etc.

Training programmes

We believe in sharing and spreading knowledge. Hundreds of clinicians and technicians are trained by BFI. We actively collaborate with the Diamond Institute of the USA to train future professionals. Learn More About Our Training Programmes

BFI in News

Surrogacy Stays Within The Great Gujarati Family
GK Mawani and his wife Rama celebrated their son Jay’s first birthday in Surat (2009). Also present at the party was Chetna (26), who gave birth to Jay. Chetna is the wife of Mawani’s nephew. Rama hadn’t been able to conceive in her 16- year marriage, so Chetna agreed to carry her uncle’s child as a surrogate mother.

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