Treatment Options



  • Three ultra sonography machines from world best 'Aloka' Japan.
  • Aloka SD 3500 - 4D-Realtive 3D sonography machine with live 3D sonography technology.With volume abdominal probe ad volume Trans vaginal probe.with color Doppler & 2D sonography also. (very few sonography clinies offer such exclusive imaging technology)
  • Aloka SSD 3500 with color Doppler facility.
  • Sonography medicine with excellent color Doppler sonography.
  • Very high resolution.
  • Very high color flow Sensitivity.
  • Free angular M mode for foetal echo cardiography.
  • High frequent of probe for small parts sonography.
  • Abdominal probe.
  • Trans vaginal/Trans rectal probe with 180° stearable viewing angle.
  • Smallest tip & best viewing angle in the industry.
  • Best for resolution sonography color Doppler & small parts sonography.
  • SSD 500 sonography machine with trans abdominal & trans vaginal sonography for operation theatres & wards.

Services offered

  • 4D Live real time 3D sonography Trans abdominal / Trans Vaginal.
  • Color dopper sonography Trans abdominal / Trans Vaginal.
  • 2D sonography T.A. T.V.
  • High pregnancy sonography
  • Diagnostic sonography.
  • Interventional sonography
  • Research.