Treatment Options

Maternity Services


  • Luxurious maternity suit. (Air conditioned with attached toilet).
  • Maternity suit attached to operation theatre for any emergency operative intervention.
  • Two operation theatres available on the same floor for any operative intervention.
  • Baby resuscitation station with latest dedicated resuscitation equipments for new born baby care.
  • Stem cell cryopreservation programme.

Services offered

  • Diagnosis and confirmation of pregnancy.
  • Routine antenatal care.
  • Screening for structural foetal deformities.
  • Screening for inheritable diseases (ie.. Thallasaemia).
  • Screening for genetic anomalies in foetus.
  • Blood work.
  • Regular ultrasound monitoring of foetal growth.
  • Biophysical monitoring.
  • Medical termination of pregnancy
    with medicines.
    with surgical intervention.
  • Dedicated foetal medicine department.
  • 24hrs maternity – child birth services.
  • Breast feeding promotion and training.
  • Postnatal care and exercise training.
  • Postnatal centra ceptine guidance.
  • Special care for high risk pregnant patients.