Treatment Options

Advanced Techniques

Assisted hatching

Embryos are protected throughout their journey in genital tract – Fallopian tubes and uterus by an outer covering called zonapelucida. When the embryo has to implant in to (attach with) the uterine wall – endometrium, it has to break this outer covering and come out of the shell. This process is called hatching. It is quite similar to a chicken coming out of an egg by breaking the shell!

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Blastocyst culture

When embryo becomes 5 to 6 days old it reaches a stage of development which is called “ BLASTOCYSTI ”. In natural conception, sperm and egg meet each other and fertilization takes place in fallopian tubes. The embryo grows in fallopian tube for 4 to 5 days and slowly moves towards the uterus. An embryo reaches uterus – endometrium after 5 to 6 days of fertilization at blastocyst stage.

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Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis – PGD is a latest technique, which has revolutionized the possibility of diagnosing genetic disorders of the child to be born BEFORE even the pregnancy actually begins. PGD is a blessing for the patients who are likely to have a child affected by a known genetic disorder or when possibility of a child being born with genetic abnormality is high.

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