Treatment Options

Semen Donation

With advanced technology biological tissue can be successfully frozen and preserved at –196 degree centigrade for very long time. They can be brought back to life (thawed), whenever needed.

The process of freezing and thawing requires special skill and technology. Successful freezing and storage of semen has created new hopes for many male patients. It makes treatment more convenient. Semen freezing can be done for donor semen or husband semen.

Husband’s semen

Husband’s semen can be frozen and kept for long time.
This is useful when

  • Husband cannot remain present at the time of the treatment of wife.
  • Husband finds it difficult to produce on demand.
  • More then one sample can be combined and used at the time of IUI in cases of oligospermia.
  • Before vasectomy operation
  • Before undergoing treatment which can adversely affect fertility - Any operation on testis, Vas, pituitary. Radiotherapy, chemotherapy.
  • Before starting IVF treatment

Donor semen

Donor semen can be used when a man has untreatable azoospermia. It can also be used for sever ologospermia when patient can not afford Assisted Reproductive Techniques i.e. ICSI.

We have a semen bank. We have proved fertile voluntary semen donors. Patients can choose the donors of their choice. We provide data of physical characteristics, educational qualification, blood group etc.

Semen is the richest source of sexually transmitted disease i.e. HIV etc. To avoid transmission of these diseases the semen samples are quarantined. Semen donors are screened for HIV, HbsAg, HCV, VDRL etc. After checking for these we collect, freeze and store semen samples from the donor. We screen the donor again after six months for the same. If the donor is found negative for all the tests then the sample is considered good for donation., These process of quarantine eliminates the risk of transmitting the disease which may be in incubation period at the time of screening.