Treatment Options

Low Cost IVF Treatment

All patients may not afford IVF. To help them we have workout a few options which can reduce the cost substantially without much compromising the result.

Less expensive stimulation drugs

Gonadotrophin injections used for stimulation comprise the major part of IVF drugs cost. Very good quality gonadotrophins are manufactured in India now. They are almost 65% less expensive than the latest recombinant FSH. They produce good results at very less cost.

Concessional treatment batch

We offer concessional treatment once in a year to the patients taking IVF treatment in that batch. If you want to take the advantage, book your name at the earliest! We will let you know the further details.

Friendly IVF – In Vitro Fertilization

Very well established and proven successful IVF treatment has proved to be a blessing for innumerable childless couples. But many childless couples who can be benefited for IVF treatment cannot take benefit as it is an expensive treatment.
Bavishi Fertility Institute has decided to help these innumerable childless couples who cannot afford the regular cost of IVF but can avail specially offered extremely reasonably priced IVF treatment cost package.

Who needs “Friendly IVF “?

  •  When IVF treatment is required.
  •  When one cannot afford the cost of regular IVF.
  •  When one wants to go for Milder stimulation

Advantages of Friendly IVF

  •  Very less expensive.
  •  Fixed budget leading to easy financial management

Why Friendly IVF is so less expensive?

  •  Less expensive injections are used.
  •  Such a treatment protocul is used in which less no. of stimulation injections are required.
  •  Concession in the professional fees and overall hospital service cost.
  •  Less expensive medium and disposables are used in IVF laboratory.

Disadvantages of Friendly IVF

  •  There is a very high possibility of less no. of eggs as compared to regular IVF.
  •  Treatment is to be started on the prescribed date only.
  •  We have taken utmost economic contemplation throughout the treatment.
  • The expense of the friendly IVF is half as that of regular IVF cycle. Whereas the chance of conceiving are less 10 to 12% as that of regular IVF cycle.
  •  Friendly IVF can be beneficial to those patients who cannot afford regular IVF treatment cycle.

Comparison between Friendly IVF and other so called less expensive IVF treatment at other IVF Clinic

  •  Friendly IVF is less expensive.
  •  Benefits of same medical expertise.
  •  Same expertise of the embryulogist team.
  •  Same high quality standards of materials used.
  •  No hidden cost.
  •  A fixed package is given.