Treatment Options

Assisted Hatching

Embryos are protected throughout their journey in genital tract – Fallopian tubes and uterus by an outer covering called zonapelucida. When the embryo has to implant in to (attach with) the uterine wall – endometrium, it has to break this outer covering and come out of the shell. This process is called hatching. It is quite similar to a chicken coming out of an egg by breaking the shell!

Hatching of embryo at a proper time is very crucial to successful implantation of the embryo. We can assist this process to ensure timely and successful hatching with a technique called “Assisted Hatching”


Embryos are selected for AH. Usually 50% of available embryos are treated with AH.
AH is done on the day of embryo transfer. A very small hole is done in zona pelucida (outer covering of the embryos) with micromanipulation technique. The procedure is done on the embryos to be transferred. Nothing is done on the lady her self – Lady does not have to suffer any thing herself.
The embryos are then transferred in to the uterus as in the usual embryo transfer procedure in IVF.

Methods for Assisted hatching

  • Mechanical
  • Chemical
  • Laser


FIt provides “mechanical advantage” to the embryos in breaking the zona for implantation.
It also ensures early contact of embryos with endometrium. This expedites enzymetic reaction between endometrium and embryos called “Embryo – endometrium cross talk”.
Mechanical advantages and chemical advantage ensure better implantation rate and better pregnancy rate.

Assisted Hatching is useful in

Any patient undergoing IVF treatment can benefit from advantages of AH and improve her chance of conceiving in that cycle.
AH is specifically more helpful when zonapelucida is expected to be tough - thick

  • Advanced age of female partner
  • Expected zona thickening due to invitro culture
  • Hyaluronidase exposed oocytes
  • Frozen thawed embryos
  • Thick zona pelucida
  • When previous IVF cycle has failed
  • AH is required before taking biopsy of a blastomere from the embryos, for Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis – PGD

Bavishi fertility Institute offers AH to its patients with exclusive expertise and experience. We welcome our patients to avail this new technology and enjoy their improved success rates at a very little extra cost !!