Every couple can have their own child, if they try appropriate treatment, do appropriate attempts at appropriate time, at appropriate place. At Bavishi Pratiksha Fertility Institute, couples are assured of highest opportunity of conceiving per treatment cycle, ensuring fastest completion of their family. Bavishi Pratiksha Group has vast Indian experience of many years and thousands of successful patients including many very challenging and difficult cases. This has made our Group Centre’s the most preferred and trusted destinations for fertility treatment. All Group Centers are up to date and offer the highest standards of treatment and care.

Vast Indian Experience

India has a rich diversity of culture, tradition, beliefs, religion, emotions, preferences, ethnicity and much more. Spread all across India, we understand, respect and manage them the best.

Research Driven Organisation

Research is the backbone of BPFI’s innovation and success. We keep our eyes and minds open towards new developments globally, critically evaluate, try it in our own settings, improvise and implement if acceptable. Many research papers have been presented by us and were well appreciated.

Centralised Quality Control

BPFI Group centres have central quality control, training, research and management. Quality of services and results are constantly monitored through centralized monitoring.

Extensive Customization

Every human being is different. Her body response, requirements, reactions are different. Her social, emotional and physical circumstances are different. We do extensive and dynamic customization for every couple we treat.

Economy of Scale

BPFI uses the highest quality products but is still cost competitive. Thanks to our economy of scale. We get quantity price advantage and have optimum utilization. Our man power resources are also utilized optimallywith experienced hands available at all centers.


We do not work for success only. We work to satisfy individual desire and aspiration. No mix-up of gametes, no donations without consent of both partners, no false claims or promises but only the realistic picture.


Counseling is the key. Couples choose their treatment after thorough counseling. So they are involved and informed. It makes them compliant, fearless and stress-free. Counseling continues at every step of treatment.

Relaxation Therapy

Stress is the major threat to the success of IVF outcome. Apart from constant stress relieving support, we provide a special professional relaxation therapy immediately after embryo transfer for better chances of conception.

24 X 7 Helpline

Our services do not end within the four walls of our hospital. We provide 24 X 7 helpline for all couples. Our aim is your complete care and satisfaction.

Economical or Expensive?

Many clinics offer low cost treatment to attract couples. Couples do not understand the success rate and feel it is cheaper. More cost but higher live birth rate actually works out cheaper.

ICSI for All

ICSI for fertilization offers better pregnancy rate. As wehave readily available trained manpower, we do ICSI for all. This ensures that your chances of success are much higher with us than with other centres.


BPFI has conceptualized, promoted and supported a NGO to work for infertile couple- DIVYA SANTAN SANSTHAN. BFI extends all round support to this NGOs working for infertile couples.

  • DIVYA SANTAN SANSTHAN is actively working to provide information, guidance and support to infertile couples.
  • Organizes patient awareness seminars
  • Exclusive informative and interactive website:www.divyasantan.orgin English, Hindi, Bengali and Gujarati
  • Active and compassionate support group – “DivyasantanParivar”

OHSS Free Clinic

Due to meticulous evaluation and customization, close monitoring, very high success with frozen embryos and “safety first” policy. BPFI strives to remain a OHSS free clinic.