Journey of Hope to Happiness

Sheetal and Pranav, an educated & happy couple faced difficulty in conceiving. After 5 years of marriage, started fertility treatments. When her medical condition warranted. IVF treatment, they did not hesitate. The couple did two IVF cycles in nearby center. She conceived once but resulted in a miscarriage and other IVF cycle failed.

Law graduate by qualification, Sheetal did not lose hope & decided to go to Bavishi Fertility Institute Ahmedabad for further treatment. People said Ahmedabad is too far from Jamnagar etc. etc. but now, she wanted to choose the best.

She started her IVF treatment at Bavishi Fertility Institute in 2012. Positive results, hopes and happiness & then a pregnancy loss. It was a big emotional roller coaster for the couple. Total 21 attempts of embryo transfer at Bavishi Fertility Institute & total 10 pregnancy losses in her life, through IVF, the couple did not lose hope & patience. 22nd attempt at Bavishi Fertility Institute and the dream came true. The couple was finally blessed with a cute & healthy daughter.

It has been possible due to understanding & supporting husband. “I am really lucky to have a husband like Pranav. My whole family is also educated & they all support as well!” Said Sheetal.

People ask me, Sheetal, How are you after 22 IVF attempts?
My Answer is simple. I am as hale and hearty as I was. The only difference is, I was an infertile lady before and now I am a happy Mom!

Sheetal is a real fighter. She is a lawyer. I encouraged her & she also could pursue master’s degree in law to keep her busy & mentally occupied. I know, taking both the challenges and at a time was difficult, but I knew Sheetal can. And see the result! She came out victorious in both her struggles. She got her appointment letter as public prosecutor just a few days before our daughter “Pankti” was born, Pranav said.

Dr.Falguni Bavishi said, In-spite of so many failure, she was always calm & compose. She is a real fighter and was ready to continue her fight. When a patient herself is ready then doctors will always support! We fought together & finally a great victory!

Dr. Himanshu Bavishi said, mental, physical & financial preparedness of a couple is important. Anyone is not replaceable by another. There are millions of childless couples who can successfully parent a child almost 100%, but are mentally not strong to persue and remain childless. Sheetal is an inspiration for all those who are mentally not strong and do not perceive.

Dr. Parth Bavishi said, supporting a couple at all stages of treatment, throughout the treatment is extremely important. Fertility Institute has to have a strong team of dedicated, empathetic and caring people. Not only the doctors but the whole team! It can be possible only by creating a work culture, amongst properly selected team.

Dr.Janki Bavishi Said it is rare to get such patient who is so cool inspite of such a long struggle. It really is inspirational story not only for all childless couples but also for fertility treatment providers. It proves “If there is a will, there is a way”. “The one who does not quit, only has a chance to win”

Sheetalben Pranavbhai Thakar came to Bavishi Fertility Institute for first time on 10th May 2012. Sheetalben born in 1981 and Pranavbhai born in 1978 and were married since 6 years at that time. They stay in Jamnagar.

She has undergone total 22 IVF attempts at Bavishi Fertility Institute and finally got her baby in her hands.

She faced 10 pregnancy losses including 1 ectopic pregnancy for which laparoscopy was performed.

She has undergone total 2 Laparoscopy surgeries and 2 hysteroscopy procedures.

At BFI her first embryo transfer was done on 21st July 2012. Her 22nd embryo transfer was performed on 16th December 2017. She delivered a daughter at 12:30 PM on 15th August 2018. Baby weight was 2.740 kg.

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